09 February 2022

Official Jersey launch by Antony Pepe

Here's Our Official Jersey, Kochi Fam!

09 February 2022

Introducting the captain Karthik

A captain is someone who leads from the front and never gives up

09 February 2022

Introducing our prestigious partner

Introducing our prestigious partner @ttkprestige , the most loved

10 February 2022

Spikers making news The Hindu

Spikers Making News ! Thank you for featuring us @the_hindu

21 July 2022

They are back again

The three musketeers are back again with us! Happy to announce that we have retained these three wonderful talents!

18 October 2022

Season - 2 player auction on Oct. 13th 2022

The mega auction for the Rupay Prime Volleyball league season - 2, will be happening on this 13th. Stay tuned...

18 October 2022

Kochi blue spikers Season-2 squad

Here's comes the Kochi Blue Spikers squad for the prime volley league season -2, determined to win the title.

22 November 2022

Season 2 on 4th Feb 2023

Season 2 on 4th Feb 2023

07 February 2023

Kochi Blue Spikers Kicked off

The men in 'blue and gold' started off the second season of the Rupay Prime Volleyball League powered by A23 with a narrow defeat to Chennai Blitz. We hope to come back stronger for the coming matches. Thank you, fans, for the great support. See you on the 12th.

03 January 2023

Sealed off the series with a win

Marked a fabulous victory against the Mumbai Meteors in the final league match. Season 2 of the Rupay Prime Volley League, powered by A23, was a little disappointing for the Kochi Blue Spikers. But it was really a great venue to experiment with our talents in the hub, and everyone performed well.

23 May 2023

Registered the first win

It was a tough situation, but the Kochi Blue Spikers had their first victory of the season against Calicut. It might be late, but it really feels great to have a victory on home soil. Once again, thank you to our beloved fans for your strong support. See you on the 26th.